Fairphone 3 water damage- only replace screen?

I dropped my fairphone3 in the sink.
now the screen doesnt work but who knows what else might be broken…

Do i buy a new screen, (thats kindof the point isnt it?)
or play it safe and let the insurance take care of it? (which deafeats the purpose a bit?)

Interested to hear your thoughts…

Cheers Jordan

Have a look at the #waterwiki.


What do you mean by the insurance? The warranty doesn’t work if you have water-damage, so except if you have a insurance for your phone, you’ll have to pay in any case.
Sending it for repair doesn’t really defeat the purpose, if only the screen is defective, they will change only the screen. And if something else than the screen is broken and you buy a new one which won’t be useful, then you’ll be creating waste, which also defeats the purpose.

Oh, and you might want to contact a #fairphoneangel, he/she might be able to help you for testing spare parts.


thanks, will have a look!

Thanks for the response,
I took out a seperate insurance with the phone that does cover water-damage.
Now I’m unsure what to do because I dont know for sure if its only the screen or other parts are damaged as well
dont want to waste parts but also dont feel like buying a new screen just to find out i need to replace the other parts aswell.
for now I let it dry some more, following advise from #waterwiki and hope for the best…
thanks again.

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Hi Jordan5,
I stepped with my FP3 in my short into a hole in the northsea and had to buy a new one…With the new one Ihad some troubles with the screen having ghost touches and so on and testing the source of the problem I changed the screen from the waterFP3 to the new one, and it worked…
here: no damage on my screen…Sorry for your phone :frowning:

I allowed some water to get into my new (3 weeks old? :expressionless:) FP3+ and it stopped working and won’t come round even though it’s now dry. It was a rainy day and the phone was in a non-waterproof pocket for a few minutes while I was distracted.

I’ve assumed that it’s a serious problem and that I need to replace the phone. Like you, I plan to keep the ‘old’ one as a source of spares.

My FP2 I had for 5 years and wasn’t especially careful with it. I loved how robust it was. I wonder if the FP3/+ ought to come with the case included to help make the phone minimally water-safe. (I waited to buy the case because the green one was out of stock. This was a terrible decision with hindsight!).

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Perhaps you need it to dry more days before trying again. See the #waterwiki


And, there is the good and very informative wiki on iFixIT:


Hi, thanks! I read the waterwiki before posting and it was very helpful.


Thanks Bert - I’ll check it out!


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