Fairphone 3+ Warranty - /e/

Hi everyone,

First post, I’m exited to be part of the community!

I’d like to use /e/ OS instead of Android on my freshly bought Fairphone 3+.

Will I lose my 2 years warranty if I do so?

Thanks for your help!

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Hi :slight_smile:

This was already discussed here a few times. Here’s an official statement from fairphone:


Thanks a lot for your quick answer!
I did not find this thread while browsing on the forum…

Hopefully, Fairphone will some day officially propose alternatives to Android!

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It’s just that … /e/ is Android, too.
(I really wonder where this misconception that Android without Google Apps and services is somehow not Android comes from.)


Strange. I got offical answer from Fairphone that I can change my operating system to /e/ if I am not happy with stock android and bloatware called my fairphone. I was provided the links that led to community forum instructions. In the email they didn’t mention that it would affect my warranty. I have also heard that in court the corporation would have the responsibility to show that the defect is caused by the consumer. And after that. And only after that the consumer has to show that it’s not caused by the consumer. Please correct me if you feel there’s need to.

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Do not install /e/ on a Fairphone 3+! The camera and more will NOT WORK as the Fairphone 3+ requires Android 10 and /e/ is still Android 9!


Official FP3+ /e/OS will release at mid/end of october.
The new Fairphone 3+ is coming to /e/OS


Thanks for all these valuable feedbacks !
I’ll wait for the Official FP3+ /e/ OS realease then.

Same here. Excited to try /e/ with the FP3+!
Is it possible to track the process or get to know how far it is?

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Maybe you can keep an eye on this topic or have a look at all media mentioned there:


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