Fairphone 3+ too weak for Diablo Immortal

I read about Diablo Immortal and wanted to try it on my FF3+.
Please no discussions here about the game and the “Pay to Win” problematic, I just wanted to give the game a try.

In the Google play store I get a red message, that my device is not supported, so I can not install it.
My daughter using a Nokia 7.2 can download the game.

Here I was really shocked.
That the FF3+ has such a weak hardware…

Not sure if it’s too weak or just that there’s a spec lock on the Snapdragon

Minimum Requirements
Operating System Android 5.0 and higher
Processor Snapdragon 660 / Exynos 9611 and higher
Video Adreno 512 / Mali-G72 MP3 and higher
Memory 2 GB RAM
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The Nokia 7.2 is using an older Snapdragon 660 compared to the newer Snapdragon 632 in the FP3, that’s right.
But it has a higher clocked CPU, LPDDR4 instead of LPDDR3 memory and most importantly a Adreno 512 GPU compared to the less powerful 506 in the FP3.


Can Diablo Immortal be played on the Fairphone 4?
Did someone try this out?

You may like to try a download without the google check, if that’s what it was…

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Can’t say for Google Play, but after downloading it with Aurora on an FP4 with /e/OS it’s working like a charm (well, maybe apart from the non discussable topics… :wink: ).


@amoun is APKPURE an alternative app-store?
I only use Google Play and am very sceptic about other app stores…

I’d rather try out Aurora than using something like apkpure!


I cannot install it either on my FP4, but not due to having a Fairphone. I get a country restriction.

To circumvent this, Aurora would be a better solution, because then you get updates. APKPure is just an install and it won’t watch for new version. VPN won’t save you either, I remember from a few years ago a friend that couldn’t download GPay for at least a week because he visited The Netherlands. The Play store really wants to be convinced.

I personally would only install stuff from the Play store, and only from another source if supported by Android and the source is from the original developers.

I understand the apprehension as as other have said maybe you can try Aurora, but the only sources I use are F-Droid and apkpure

Hi, same story with my F3, STILL, i found and article explaining the issue was due to an issue with the exynos processor, actually being watched and fixed,to be released with upcoming update. The article (in french) le grand plateau .com = diablo-immortal-est-bloque-dans-le-play-store-des-telephones-samsung-avec-exynos

Welcome to the community :wave:

The article you linked only mentions Samsung Galaxy devices with Exynos SoCs, I couldn’t find any information that would apply to the Fairphone 3(+) :thinking:

The Fairphone 3(+) doesn’t have an Exynos processor, those are only used in Samsungs own devices.


I will play such hardware-hungry games on my Gaming-PC, so I will not clutter my FF3+ ( :heart:) with this game.
This is the best solution…


And especially don´t play money grabbing games like Diablo Immortal!

My personal opinion is that Blizzards stopped making good games after Diablo 2, maybe earlier.
Afterwards every game was build in a way to max out profits, not caring about the customers wishes. Systems like “pay to win” or “trading ingame stuff for real money” are a no go for me.

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