Fairphone 3 to sell [SOLD]

I’m selling an almost new FP3 with upgraded camera module, bumper, green cover and blue light glass perfectly on, and 12 screws directly shipped from Fairphone at price of 150€ shipping excluded.
Phone is just like new. There’s only an issue: the back camera feels not connected properly and feels not having signal to work, I’m not a technician so I don’t know what to touch.
Anyway, for the others phone is like new and recently upgradable to Android 13!

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for just 150 euro? I’ll take it! Im in western Australia


Perfect! Firstly I’m trying to update some photos, then you could write me in private :slight_smile:

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Hi, i am interested in the phone.
Still available?

I’m sure I’m late, but maybe send it to Australia it’s too expensive, in case that @robinchew can’t afford it. I’m in Italy.

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