Fairphone 3: Testing new WiFi antenna technology

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I am considering using the Fairphone to test out new WiFi antenna technology and would like to know if this phone is suitable.
My main concern is that I will need access to an RF connector from the WiFi chip. Does this exist / is easily accessible on the Fairphone 3? I can see from teardowns and forums that there appear to be MHF3 connectors, but I am unsure if they are specifically for the WiFi antenna or not.

Another interesting question; Will the phone work with a module removed?

Are there any other things I may like to know about before deciding to get my hands on the FP3?
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The antennas are built into the plastic shell of the core module and connected by spring contacts on the back of the PCB, as seen in step 9 of the iFixit teardown. I am not sure which antenna is used for wifi, though; maybe someone else can comment on that. As I see it, you should be able to cover the spring contacts and connect cables.

The FP2 only requires the battery and core module to boot. I expect this to be similar for the FP3.


Very helpful comment, thank you AlbertJP.

I will have to find out if I can connect cables to this, or replace the spring contacts with surface mounted connectors.

The pictures show at least three connectors on the board that look like antenna connectors. You could use a multimeter to check where they are wired to.

Hi @liam I wonder how your project is going?

Hi all,
I ended up using a different phone for this project, but have learned a few things; The WiFi signal is more often on one of the “push-pins” rather than an RF cable, with an antenna around 1x2cm area.
In the case of the Fairphone 3 it looks to me like the WiFi antenna is probably in the see-through case to the right of the fingerprint sensor (Top of the image on step 11 of the above Ifixit link)

Thanks for the update :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone. For a elaboration I need to know where the 5 GHz WIFI antenna is placed on the chassi of the FP3. Maybe the pics of Fairphone 3 Teardown - iFixit is helpful to show the place. Many thanks in advance

Hi and welcome. There is this topic which I have asked your query be moved to

For a definitive answer you could ask Fairphone ?

Regarding the ifixit image > Step 9 you can locate the chip (blue) and trace to the antenna.

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