Fairphone 3+ suddenly unresponsive

I have a FP3+ that is just over 2 years old, so past the warranty. It also had a bit of water damage a while ago, but seemed fine after I let it dry. One morning recently, the phone was working, then it suddenly turned off and won’t charge or anything. It is totally unresponsive. I have tried all the resets, tried a charged battery, and even replaced the bottom component but nothing.

Am I able to take this to someone local to me in London, UK, to try and fix it? or would it be best to send it back to Fairphone for a paid fix?


Hi Aislinn,

By the way you explain events, it sounds pretty grim to me. If your motherboard has died, then I’d ask myself (if it were mine) is it worth paying Cordon €222 for a motherboard + €34.80 for assessment + €18.17 delivery + whatever it costs to send it to France from the UK in the first place. The FP3+ is nearing its end of life if you use the fingerprint sensor for banking. If you don’t need the sensor and can afford it, its your call.

FP3 repair charges

Before giving up, I would disassemble the phone and look for corrosion and lookup tips to clean, but without any expectation of a positive result.

Sorry to be a miserable git.