Fairphone 3 silicone case and protective glass

As I have a tendency to drop my phone pretty often, I would like to get extra protection for my Fairphone 3. I have already bought the official case but it not too sturdy, and when I put it one the table for example I would also like that the backside is covered. For my previous phone I had a silicone case which lasted over 5 years despite falling many times. I would like to know if there’s such a silicone case for Fairphone or plans of producing on in the near future. I would also love to get a protective glass for the screen. Any suggestions?

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I am not absolutely sure what you already bought. Fairphone only made a protective case (not silicone, but “soft”) available on friday:

I would be surprised if you already bought and received this one. Or did you mean the simple bumper that comes with every FP3 out of the box? Anyway, the protective case is what Fairphone offers now (at a later point of time, there will also be a green version, and perhaps even more colours later).


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