Fairphone 3 shortcuts

I read somewhere but forgot where and how - to turn on the camera easily from the phone in sleeper mode. Does anyone know ?
Should we post other tricks that can be useful for all (or is there already another place for this?)? For example: long click on power button + select screenshot for a screen capture

A double press of the power button starts the camera!


It’s not a trick, so there’s no need to post more like this :wink:

In the old days, we just used to say RTFM …


Enjoy the read and best wishes,


Ok, lifehack then :slight_smile: .

Wow, yet another lifehack :slight_smile: .

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My favourite “shortcut” is the reduced bottom part of the home screen via Settings > System > Gestures > Swipe up on Home Button: On

The circle button to access all apps will be gone (you’ll have to swipe up twice to get there then) but instead you’ll be able not only to get to your open apps with one swipe up (instead of tapping the then disappeared square button), but you can also toggle between open apps by swiping the remaining home button to the right. Pure shortcut gold!

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