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Thanks to all of you! I live in Vancouver BC, and my F2 bit the dust half a year ago (2 years after I moved back here from the UK). I’ve been using an old iPhone6, since then, totally disenchanted by the lack of ethical options in the “wild west” of North America. It had started acting up, and today the iPhone 6 hit the ground and broke. I went straight to this page, reviewed your experiences above, and placed the order with Clove. Bish bash bosh, F3+ on its way!! Xoxoxo


hi bryan,
for the US phones need to have FCC and other certifications. in europe phones need the CE certification. even if the phone works in your networks the carriers sometime will stop supporting your device, if it is not certified for operation for the specific country. so it is not a problem to use it during travels in that country, but if you want to use it for long time there i a risk that operation will stop after some time.

canada most of the time is not so strict (they also have a different certification type than the US), so the chances that you will be able to use it for long time are way better. i would be interested to know how your experiences are :-). hope everything works fine! all the best!

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I think for the Canada (and US) area a Teracube 2e might currently also be an interesting alternative as the ideas of it seem partly similar to the ones of Fairphone and the device has been made for this market.

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Hi everyone,

I am in Canada and I have an FP3+ that I want to sell. It is like new, used only for few hours. Original box and everything is still there. I also have a protective case for it.

I am in Montreal, but we can arrange shipping anywhere in Canada.

If anyone interested, Redirecting...

The link says the item isn’t available?


Just reactivated it, should be available again soon.

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