Fairphone 3+ seeking camera profile to use RAW photo files in Lightroom

I’ve imported some raw / DNG pictures from my FP3+ into Lightroom (I’ve an old verison 6.14, as I’m not up for paying monthly subscription for Lightroom). The pictures look really grey and drab and I think that because I don’t have a camera profile in Lightroom for the FP3+ camera, which I do have for the other cameras I have that generate raw files. Any ideas ? I’ve tired converting the DNG files through Adobe’s DNG converter and the pictures are unchanged - not totally surprising as it doesn’t say it supports FP3+.
The default camera app crashes and doesn’t save many of the pictures - but I see that is on the known bugs list. I’ve downloaded ProCamX and have taken a few photos and it hasn’t crashed / not saved the photos so far…

I don’t own an FP3 but I think raw file are just raw file. They should not change between camera app (I think).
But each camera is different. In Darktable I have to work with the “base curve” tool to fix this.

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Erm, yes @martin123 that’s how RAW files work. You either use a profile to apply, and afterwards you adjust to your liking. Or you apply each setting as you like.

I usually don’t apply any pre-defined settings to my raw files (Nikon D800, Fairphone, etc)

You can easily apply any filter (color, contrast, etc) or profile (cushioning, vignetting, etc) you previously used. Simply select or create a profile or filter that matches your requirements.

This is not restricted to Fairphone raw files. Many newer cameras and lenses don’t have a profile that is bundled with LightRoom.

I suggest you learn to use LightRoom filters and profiles. It is really worth the effort; and it is very easy and quick to learn (in contrast to Photoshop wich is APITA).

Have fun!

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