Fairphone 3 screen not working- must I replace?

Hi everyone,

I’m having trouble with my fairphone 3 screen and would really appreciate some advice.

I got the phone in Jan this year. All was going smoothly but then 2 things happened.

First I dropped the phone in the bath. Following this, I got it out, dried it out, and tried to start using it again. It was working ok but for a long time after this, the screen would often just start malfunctioning (with multiple letters appearing every time I tried to write a single letter). I kept stopping using it for a bit and trying to dry it out again but nothing worked, until I stopped using it for a good 2 months. After this, the screen seemed to be back to normal again.

However, annoyingly, I then dropped the phone. And now the screen won’t function at all. Everything is appearing as normal on it but it wont respond at all to the touch of my finger.

Do you think I need to purchase a new screen? Is this something I can replace myself or are there also fairphone repair people who can do that?

Many thanks for any advice you can give!

You can easily replace the Display Module yourself, but you have no guarantee that only your current display is faulty.

When your phone takes a dive, you should allow it at least 2-3 days to dry altogether. It often happens that people don’t give it enough time to dry, restart it again soon and find it “still works” – only to find it will still start to malfunction later because there was still humidity deep inside the phone parts, but not visible to the eye.


You could first try whether disassembling the display module, carefully cleaning the contacts with cleaning alcohol and reassembling the display module does something for you.

… or you could ask #fairphoneangels if there are any in your vicinity.

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