Fairphone 3 registering one touch as multiple

My Fairphone 3 just started registering one press on the screen as many so typing “this” came out like “ttttthhhhhiiiiiisssss”. I tried restarting it and now can’t unlock it because one touch on the pattern registers as multiple so it’s a ‘wrong pattern’. I’ve seen this in other posts when charging but it’s happening to me even when not charging. When i get hope I’m going to take it apart and make sure the screen connections are clean but can anyone suggest anything in the mean time?

First try would be a reboot. If that does not help, I’d follow your approach of taking it apart, making sure that all contacts are clean and putting it back together.

If that does not help, there is a chance that it’s due to a broken display or core module. More diagnostics might be required. At that point you could also contact support and tell them what the problem is and what you have already tried. Does your phone still have warranty?


You can dial * # * # 6 6 # * # * to access a range of almost 30 hardware tests. I cannot say though how elaborate its touch sensitivity tests are (I’m using /e/OS which doesn’t have these tests).

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Hallo Caitlin91,
hatte ähnliche Probleme. Habe zunächst im Entwickler Menü “Berührungen anzeigen” aktiviert um die Sache zu beobachten. Dann hat sich zum Glück meine Plasma-Kugel als Übeltäter heraus gestellt. Das Gerät scheint empfindlich auf Elektroschmog zu reagieren.
Freundliche Grüße…


Es gab mal den Hinweis, dass man tote Touch-Zonen eines Displays unter Umständen mit Hilfe von nahen elektrischen Zündfunken reaktivieren kann. Kapazitive Touchscreens wie bei Smartphones erkennen Berührung ja ohnehin elektrisch, also ist die elektrische Beeinflussbarkeit von außen funktionsbedingt, wahrscheinlich nur unterschiedlich ausgeprägt je nach Display?
(FP2 Fixing non-responsive touch screen with an electronic lighter)

There was a hint that you could revive dead touch zones of a display with the help of near electric ignition sparks in some circumstances. Capacitive touchscreens like smartphone ones use electricity to detect touch anyway, so being sensitive to outside electrical influence works as designed to a varying degree?
(FP2 Fixing non-responsive touch screen with an electronic lighter)

I can’t do a lot of the tests because I can’t unlock the phone to access them. It’s not an intermittent issue but a permanent one that’s rendered the phone unusable. I’m going to clean it out then contact support.

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