Fairphone 3+ Performance Issues

I am using a Fairphone 3+ for one year now.
I knew, that it had limited (older) Hardware, but in the past my FF3+ sometimes hangs for some seconds.

I have no idea, how to find the reason for the problems.
Is there somewhere a CPU usage (so I see the possible reason for the problems).

I have the Microsoft Launcher installed, because here I see at every app, that has new messages (like Signal) a counter of unread messages.
This is (as far as I can see) not possible in the default Launcher.

Is there enough free space in the internal storage (Settings > Storage)?
I’d permanently keep 20 % free.


75% used, 15.78 GB free

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I got the same issue with my FP3 with updated front Camera. It seems like this has got worse since the last update to Android 11. I use the Nova Launcher and I have 12GB free space.
Whould be great to find a solution. :slightly_smiling_face:

I also have the impression that it’s gotten worse with A11. My solution for this and other problems: reboot every few days, at the latest when something starts going wrong. Has always done the trick.

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As I have no such issues I wonder if some of your apps keep a lot of cache.

However there are two major points

  • I don’t run games or very intensive apps. The biggest load is probably WhatsApp or watching films/movies etc.

  • I regularly move all media to a portably formatted SD and my internal SSD usage is 31% (44GB free)

  • I often clear the cache of the apps I use the most

  • I delete all history in calls/WhatsApp etc frequently

Settings>accessibility>remove animations

@IkarusFP3, @uodalricus and @OLLI_S (me) discovered performance issues after installing the Android 11 Update.
So this seems to be a “global” problem?
Or is the FF3+ to weak for Android 11?

@anon9989719 I regularly clear my cache using the “Google Files” App.
And I also move my photos/videos to my external SD card.

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I had no issues with my FP3 after the upgrade, in the meantime I installed Iode (also Android11) and the first few days it was a bit laggy, but now its running smooth. Even my FP2 was running most times good with Android 11, so I doubt the FP3(+) is too weak. Also I doubt its a global issue. Overall it depends as well a lot on your setup, Apps you use etc…


I believe the keyword here is “Microsoft” - Problem found! :joy:

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I found the reason for all those delays: Norton 360

After the Android 11 Update I also installed Norton 360 on my FF3+, because I am also using it on the desktop.
So I uninstalled Norton 360 to see, if this helps.
Now my FF3+ runs smooth!


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