Fairphone 3 Owner Survey

Who else has had the FP3 owner survey from Fairphone? It came in an email titled “How is it going with your Fairphone 3?”. I just wondered how widespread it is, whether they’re asking everyone or just a sample of owners.

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Interesting :thinking: I ordered mine around the 20th of December and haven’t received such a survey (yet).

I received my Fairphone 3 on the 1st of November 2019 and I received the survey on 31st of December 2019.

FP3 despatched 1st November 2019, email received 7th January 2020 asking one question “how likely to recommend to friend or colleague” on scale of 0 -10.

Hmm. I ordered my FP3 within the first half hour on 27/8/19, received it on 11/10/19 and got the survey this morning (16/1/20).

If you click on your answer to that question (eg 10 :sunglasses:) you will be taken to a survey asking you a while host of other questions.

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Did you order/buy directly from Fairphone’s own online shop?

Yes, I did, @urs_lesse :slightly_smiling_face: I assume the survey is sent only after one month or so…

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Yes, within half an hour of it being available.

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I bought it on the 29th of September 2019 directly from the Fairphone shop.

ok, ok, folks, thank you :wink: I really just meant to ask freeker because s/he hadn’t received the survey. But the guess that it’s about a minimum time of use since purchase sounds very plausible as an explanation.

I got a “Welcome to the Fairphone Community!” mail 2 weeks ago asking about the shop experience and the “How is it going with your Fairphone 3?” mail today asking about the phone.
The mail today claims it will be the last one (unless I subscribe to the newsletter).

I bought my phone somewhere else (Belsimpel) because I wanted to be in control of the exact delivery date due to dodgy neighbours. So no warm welcome or survey for me!

Nope, haven’t received the survey, yet.
So far I’m happy with it though.

Phone was delivered mid Nov/19, owner survey mail Jan 16.

I got that mail yesterday,

Lol, just received the survey!

Can we safely conclude now, that every FP3 owner, having bought the phone from FP3 direct, will receive the mail concerning the survey?
Or has everyone to confirm it in person here?

In my humble opinion, it would be more interesting, what you think of the survey and this approach by Fairphone.

All the users demanding from Fairphone to listen to the customers and what is posted in this forum, it should be a relieve, that Fairphone asks for users-opinion.

On the other hand it might be problematic - privacy-wise - that the link taking you to the survey is a personalized one. So everything you will enter in the survey can be linked to you.
Has anyone taken the survey already?
What questions are they asking?
What do they say about the data useage and at what point of the survey?
5 questions don’t seem to be an awful lot, still …

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The survey uses Typeform. It’s a company form Barcelona and therefore subject to the GDPR.

You can find their TOC, e.g. the Data Processing Agreement, here:

Best wishes, Thomas

But, if I get it right, that’s mostly the TOC for their deal with Fairphone, that has started the survey.

To maybe clarify my statement:
I have no doubt, that the data is safe with Typeform and with Fairphone as well.
I was just wondering, that this topic is focusing on “Hey, I got the mail” and not on the survey as such.
Since I did not take part in the survey, I don’t know what data they are collecting, yet I would have expected to read more on that point; like “Why that question?” or “I miss this question!_”
Not neccessarily, but maybe as well a discussion on privacy issues, since they are so important to many FP users.