Fairphone 3: Open Source Hardware

I was wondering whether the interface and the physical dimensions of the components are available anywhere?

Has the company considered making them available, so that people can hack up their own components?

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Fairphone is a fair phone, not an Open Hardware project. So the answer is probably no (I cannot speak for the vendor, though, since this is just a community forum). Also, how could you hack up your own components w/o software support?

You could work with the support that’s already there, not everything the SoC can do is in the phone, not everything Android generically supports is in the phone.

Nice example from the Fairphone 2 …


I use magnetic charging cables with different tips => microUSB or USB-C works very well for me

If there was support it wouldn’t be a hack :slight_smile:

Thanks! That’s the kind of think I’m thinging of!

So nothing about the Fairphone 3?

Just wondering: Did you ask Fairphone support about this?

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