Fairphone 3 not recognizing charging cable, neither on PC nor on wall plug charger

Hello, I did update my Fairphone 3(non plus) with the latest patch a few days ago.
Until then, no problems occured when charging via USB cable & PC / USB cable & wall charger.

Since then, it does not recognise the USB cable (original FP3 cable with b&w cord)
when plugged in to charge. No data connection is established.

Same goes for when I plug the charger (Nokia5 device) with the original FP3 cable (b&w cord) into the phone.

Only when I leave the charger connected to the phone and RESTART it, will the phone start the charging process.

But even the restarting when connected does not help when it comes to data connection. My PC won’t recognize the phone as connected at all, now.

Do you guys have any ideas?


You may like to try starting in Safe mode, it may jolt something.

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Hi @Michael85 and welcome to the community and forum.
It certainly sounds like a software problem : the fact that charging starts after a reboot is I think significant.
However it’s important to eliminate all other possibilities (Support will want this) so, as usual, you’ll need to test with another cable if you can borrow one, and connecting to a different device (for the data). Also make sure the port is clean and the cable terminals are undamaged.

Apart from the OS update, what else changed recently? In particular did you dismantle the phone recently? If so, make sure the bottom module is properly and securely fitted.

Have you noticed any other problems or unexpected changes since the update?

Did you try starting in Safe mode as suggested by Amoun?

[Edit] As regards USB data connectivity, after connecting the FP to the PC, on the FP go to Settings > Connected devices > USB to make sure the cable connection is recognised and see what usage preference is set. It may be set to “No data transfer”.

Would you please post back with detailed info:

  • OS (standard FP OS, Open, Lineage, …)
  • Android version (should be 10)
  • OS Build number (if using standard FP Android go to settings > About phone > Build number (or Android version). The current build number on my phone is 8901.3.A.0101.20210420

This info will be required if you contact Support, which I would advise.


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