Fairphone 3 motherboard problem

Below are some of the posts that were written this year about fairphone 3 dying suddenly (sadly the there are more) mainly due to a faulty motherboard. It would be good if the support team could share with the community how many people reported similar issues, if all the phones affected by this problem were created at a similar time and why the motherboard of these phones did not last more than 3 years approx.? I am curious to know whether we were the unlucky ones or if Fairphone sold a batch of phones that were not going to last more than 3 years due to bad quality motherboards.

As all the phones that I had in the past lasted more than 3 years, it would good to know why mine and others’ F3 did not last as long as we were expecting them to last due to the longevity claims made by Fairphone.

Selling a bunch of phones, who knows how many, that will not last more than 3 years and that cannot be repaired as the motherboard is pretty much the phone itself, definitely does not seem to match Fairphone’s claim about caring about their environmental footprint ‘*The longer you can keep your phone, the smaller its environmental footprint’


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