Fairphone 3 microphone sounds very low

My phone’s microphone sounds very low, I thought the microphone module had broken, but I bought a new one and changed it and it sounds the same. Could it be because of the latest software update?

So is this a new issue, how long has this happened, and how do you know ~ do recipients tell you so?

Are you sure you don’t have debris in either of the mic holes etc.

There is no defined mic module they are parts of the top and bottom modules, respectively.

Have you done a test
Dial *#*#66#*#* > Service tests > Test Single > Microphone

Place the phone on a table, there are two tests.

Mic 1 is bottom mic and ‘louder’ and is the bottom one used in normal calls
Mic 2 at the top is significantly quieter and is the top mic used for video calls

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The normal call test result LOW
The videocall test result OK

When I changed the bottom module I cleaned with alcohol. The call microphone is on the bottom module, isn’t it?

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Yes. See if you can find a #fairphoneangel near you that can test the bottom modules

You can try a safe mode start in case it is an app conflict.

You can also do the test without an SD card or SIM

Do you have an SD card formatted as internal ?

Can you save all your data and do a factory reset?

I did factory reset, but still not working
NO SIM, NO SD, but still not working

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Solved cleaning carefully the microphone’s hole :sweat_smile:

thank you for your help


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