Fairphone 3 Mainboard/Motherboard/Core Modul as spare part?

Hey there,
is there any chance to get a core modul as spare part? Mine seems dead. I already changed my broken display. I was hoping this would help. But the phone does not boot. My display led shows me the battery is charging (color is changing from blinking red over yellow to green) and my phone is vibrating when I try to turn it on. My windows computer also detects the device as Fairphone 3.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @IAow,

If your phone vibrates when you turn it on, I think system successfully boots up :man_shrugging:
Perhaps some Android expert could confirm ?

I think problem still comes from screen or a faulty connection, as you can also view your Fairphone 3 when you connect it to your computer.

Is your “new” screen really new, or is it a spare part bought used ?

Unfortunately Fairphone does not sell core spare part, you will have to ask to community if someone has one.

Hope you will be able to fix your issue soon :slight_smile:
Best regards, Emmanuel


I agree with Emmanuel, there are several signs that the problem is not the core module.

I strongly recommend you check if your display is firmly connected and that there are no gaps in between display and core module. You can also disassemble and reassemble the phone as described here (especially note the comment in Step 9):


Thanks @urs_lesse for your usefull guide :+1:

@IAow, if you have still problems, I invite you to consult #market category :wink:


Sorry to disagree a little, I’ve had in hands two FP2s, booting, charging as indicated by the LED, from which I was able to retrieve data, but black screen. The problem was indeed the core-module which had for one visible traces of water damage and the other damaged pogo pins. So it’s quite possible the problem comes from the core-module if thorough tests have been done to prove it’s not the screen (which it seems to me here).
Not saying it’s necessarily the core-module and I can only second checking again the screens, but the signs would rather indicate me a possible core-module failure from my experience.

Did your phone have any water/moisture/bathroom experience? Quite possible it could be some water damage.


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