Fairphone 3 loses charge while plugged in

Apologies for replying to myself…

The failed swelling battery is now stored as safely as I can, until I locate and deliver it to a disposal(? recycling?) point which “knows” how to handle failed outgassing swelling batteries. It has had it contacts taped over (non-conductive tape, as far as I know), loosely wrapped in paper, buried inside DRY sand inside a steel bucket, and placed in the coolest available dry spot away from (all) the exits. I’ve checked my (industrial-grade) CO₂ fire extinguisher (it’s overdue for an inspection :pensive:), which is carefully positioned to be easily but not-riskily accessible in the event of the worse. And the smoke alarm passes its tests.

Whilst I am in the EU where (I believe) shops which sell such equipment(? batteries?) are required(?) to accept them for recycling(? disposal?), the local collection points I know of do not impress me when it comes to dangerous failing batteries. And I’m not very keen on transporting it long distances, nor by public transport…

I am aware the Risks are relatively small — PROVIDED the battery is kept dry, cool, and (as much as possible) in a fire- / explosion-resistant environment.

My fire extinguisher is one of those models you find in factories, etc. I acquired it by legal albeit unusual means. I am trained in how to use it.

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Thanks for the confirmation. Apropos of nothing, I received the new battery today, it fit perfectly (unlike the now-known to be swelling old battery), and everything seems fine. The old battery is still buried in sand, pending the location of a safe disposal(? recycling?) location.

As an aside, I’m initially impressed with Fairphone’s USB-C 3.2 Long-Life Cable (the link goes to BT (first alternative link I could find) since Fairphone’s shop/site seems to having problems at the moment :slightly_frowning_face:). I also ordered one of those (and a few other minor accessories).

Thank You for all the help and the diagnosis! :+1:


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