Fairphone 3 - Libre RISC-V M-Class - A 100% libre RISC-V + 3D GPU chip for mobile devices

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Dear Fairphone and community,

I have a dream/wish that Fairphone would research the possibility to use the work-in-progress 100% libre RISC-V mobile processor in the design of the new Fairphone 3.

There is also another business opportunity with that and that is to design, manufacture and sell that processor for other phones as well, making them more fair as well.

Link: https://www.crowdsupply.com/libre-risc-v/m-class/updates/first-nlnet-grant-approved-to-fund-development

I believe customers and users of FairphoneOS, Fairphone Open and LineageOS would enjoy this.

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Me too - I’d like to see Fairphone use a RISCV processor one day. I don’t think RISCV is good enough yet though, so maybe not in the Fairphone 3.

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You might be interested in this topic here …



Thank you. I’m following the progress of open hardware ARM boards such as nxp by the way. There has been quite a lot of progress there recently. It’s not as free as RISCV, but it’s an improvement on Qualcomm/MediaTek.

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Definitely an improvement over Qcom. Why is Fairphone not opting for these? What is the thought process behind that decision? The Librem 5 is going to sport an i.MX 8 series.

I’ve lost faith in the company promising to make that phone - Purism. They’re way behind schedule with their promise : https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Purism-Librem-5-Specifications
I suppose Fairphone is going with Qualcom in an effort to be more competitive. The i.mx series can’t compete on performance per watt yet. Purism had to use the i.mx M version in an effort to reign in power consumption.

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Here’s a little piece on the delay from Purism themselves … https://puri.sm/posts/massive-progress-exact-cpu-selected-minor-shipping-adjustment/

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