Fairphone 3 keyboard typing errors? Alternative keyboard possible?

After we both switched from Iphone to FP 3 me and my girlfriend seem to have a hard time getting used to the keyboard of tyhe FP 3. Appears to me the letters are to close. 50% of the time I for whatever reason hit the neighbouring key.

Is there a way to install a different keyboard layout?

Any advise is very welcome and appreciated.

Have a good day/evening

Have you checked for different Layouts of the installed Keyboard under Settings-system-language? I use OpenBoard as alternative Keyboard, this might have more/different layouts than the pre-installed one

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I personally use AnySoftKeyboard, from the f-droid store. There you can change the layouts and language checkers as you wish…


Thank you very much Fabian, I’ll check that one out.

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I get this warning that this app will log any input… that not what I am looking for :slight_smile:

Screenshot or exact citation of the message, please?

If the system would be trying to tell you that you install an App which sees what you are typing when you are installing a keyboard App … that should happen with every keyboard App.


And I don’t give my keyboards apps access to internet altogether… So no worries for me.

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Typewise might be an alternative for you. I use the offline version (paid version) and I am quite happy with it:) (it does take some time getting used to it, though)


TypeWise is very good in using the available space for the keys. Its hexagon layout is very space preserving, but even if you use the classic layout there is more space per key, because some functions are reachable with swipe gestures. Use it for years myself and can recommend it absolutely.

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No did not check them yet. Thanks a lot. Coming from Iphone :wink:

Hi Another Elk,
This is the warning I get. I am sorry it is Dutch. But it says this app possibly collects all typed input like personal data, passwords, credit card ect

that’s a standard system warning that you get with every single third party keyboard that you install. you’re using a keyboard to type your passwords and sensitive data, so theoretically a malicious one would able to collect it.


Thank you very much. I thought so but being new to android and e/OS I wanted to make sure.

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