Fairphone 3+ keeps freezing

My phone keeps freezing and rebooting. It also often stops after a second or so when I am playing Spotify, but not all of the time.
The fingerprint sensor hardly ever works. It did work when I first got the phone but very badly. Now I didn’t even bother because it so seldom works.
Are these just inherent faults with the phone and it’s software? Or can I fix some of them?

A general advice to restore some performance/stability is to make backups and fully reset the phone, especially if you used the phone for some years now without reset. This is one move to catch many potential causes.

About the fingerprint-sensor. In my experience it is a bad sensor in gerenal. To improve the accuracy I once in a while remove my stored fingerprint an re-add it again. I heard that people had luck with storing the fingerprint of the same finger multiple times to increase accuracy.


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I’d suggest that you check Settings > Storage – how “full” is your storage?


This worked really well for me :ok_hand:.

Other people put transparent tape in front of the fingerprint sensor and claim that it works great:

(More positive experiences using transparent tape over the fingerprint reader in that post)


I don´t think my FP3+ fingerprint sensor ever worked. I didn´t use it at first when I bought the phone, and after a year or so I thought I´d put on the ability use it in scrolling, but then noticed it doesn´t work.