Fairphone 3 is not or only slowly charging with different power adaptors / cables

Hello FP community,

I am facing the problem that my Fairphone 3 is either not charging or only slowly charging with different cables and power adaptors. I have one power adaptor and one cable which works usually all of the time. But sometimes even this does not work and i have to remove the battery and try again and then it usually works.
The other 2 power adaptors and 2 cables i tried are not working, meaning the 48% of battery will stay 48% all the time but it shows the message that fairphone is charging slowly.
Does anyone have a clue how i can solve that?

Hi and welcome to the community forum!

What you describe sounds like incompatible cables for (quick)charge, see for example Charging speed problems? Use USB-IF certified cables!

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Hello Ingo,

Thank you for your reply.
What confuses me is the fact, that this problem came up 2 weeks ago. Before all of the 3 power adaptors and cables worked completely fine. But now as a i described the problem came up.

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Yes I have had similar problems and contacted support@fairphone.com
However there response was less than unproductive so I gave up. Strangely things have improved a bit since I bought the phone in Oct 2020

Here’s my post on the issue followed by my Guide on battery charging

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I would suggest buying a good usb cable. Also, for my Fairphone I bought a certified Quickcharge 3 charger. From 50-100 percent battery charge it takes less than 40 minutes this way.

Did you check the USB connector at the phone? Maybe it collected some debris, which prevents it from having good contact.

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I bougt qualitatively good cables where i do not have any problems with other devices.
So therefore i do not know the issue. But thank you for your hint.

Thank you for that hint @Incanus.
I checked, unfortunately no change.

I ordered a new bottom spare part now.
Let’s see if this will lead to any change.

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