Fairphone 3 incl. new battery

Hi, I have a dead fairphone lying around. I tried to fix the issue buying a new battery, but that did not solve it. Meanwhile I bought the new FP4. So if anyone is looking for a new battery or any parts for the FP3, feel free to contact me. If you’re interested, I suggest that shipment costs are for you. The rest is for free.

The phone includes the better camera module. Although I must say I never really saw much of an improvement there.



I wonder where you are, if the UK then I’m interested in all parts :slight_smile:

If no one bites, all it’d probably take is putting the word BOTTOM MODULE into the topic title :wink:

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I’ll bite and take it all if amoun is no longer interested.

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Hi Amoun, I’m living in the Netherlands.

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Hi Robin, seems that you got the parts then.

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Cool, I forgot to mention that I am in Western Australia. What’s the total cost gonna be? Feel free to private message me or find my email at robin.com.au

@Wessel0 Be careful as you can only ship a battery inside a phone, not as a separate entity

Hi there, of course you are entitled to do as you wish, I just wanted you to know I sent you a direct message 15 min after you posted your post, which is before the others replied, you can see it here : https://forum.fairphone.com/t/re-fairphone-3-incl-new-battery/97928

No problem for who you want to send it to, as there aren’t any formal rules anyway, so do as you wish :slight_smile:
For me, shipping would be to France, which might be a bit simpler for you.


Thanks for pointing this out Alex, I missed your message indeed. I am a righteous (:wink: ) type of person so indeed it should go to you. I must say I am not used to shipping packages to other countries. Let’s talk by private chat and figure it out.


Hi Robin, Alex pointed me out that he was actually faster with replying. I’m sorry but I have to give it to him.


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