Fairphone 3 in USA with Verizon or AT&T SIM

Hi! Does anybody know if the FP3 is working with a Verizon or AT&T SIM card in the USA?
I will be in the USA for some months and I need a good smartphone contract.

You might want to have a look here or even ask your question there:


Thanks for fast respond👍

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Maybe some useful info and contacts here. You may have to steer clear of Verizon.

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Thanks a lot for this information :+1:

I think this recent post is relevant for FP3 users on AT&T:

A user was told by AT&T that they will shut down the 3G network that the FP2/3 rely on, as either phone doesn’t support AT&T 4G.

For now I would advise to use T-Mobile - although with the FP4 the situation might improve. I am however not aware of anyone who has taken the FP4 to the USA yet.

See also AT&T’s own website: Act NOW - 3G is Going Away in 2022 - Wireless Customer Support

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Thanks a lot for your answer, even it is not what I wished to hear. Isn’t the fp3 working with 4G? I usually have a 4G sign on my screen when I am of wlan (?). Or does this mean something different? Thanks!

Yes, FP3 provides 4G. However it may not be compatible with all 4G carriers and in all areas.

Check the FP3 specifications (see under Network) and compare them with those of the network operator(s).

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:+1:Thank you for your answer!

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