Fairphone 3+ in South Africa

Good morning,

I hope I’m typing in the right place. Will the Fairphone 3+ work in South Africa?

If anyone have a Fairphone 3+ in South Africa, how did you order it to receive it here.

Any information regarding this will really help. If there is already a question like this (I searched but cannot find), please direct me in that direction.

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There is a hompage https://willmyphonework.net/, that unfortunately does not yet list the Fairphone 3/3+.
So, I checked for the Fairphone 2, getting the following result:


  • 2G - 900 MHz / 3G - 2100 MHz / 4G - Band 3 - 1800 MHz (all are working)

The same goes for MTN, Cell C and Me&You Mobile

All frequencies are supported by the FP3+ as well.
Here is the result for all 7 carriers, that are listed on the page:

Please be aware, that this is the result for the Fairphone 2.
The Fairphone 3+ might be compatible with FNB and Telkom as well, as it supports more bands.

I would conclude, that it works; though I will not offer any warranty.
You could check with your carrier.
The tech-specs are available on the product page for the FP3+ under -> Network


Can’t say if FP3+ will work in South Africa (it might depend on the provider).
Regarding ordering from there, did you have a look at the list of resellers, some sell afaik world wide:


we had a similar issue in Italy, where a carrier solely had the band 20 for the 4g (the slowest bu longest range one) and oneplus phones. you could manually check the band available from your operator and compare it to he bands that the fp3 has. this is what we used to do


That is an awesome suggestion, thank you very much!


Thank you so much, I appreciate the information. Will definitely have a look at the tech-specs.

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Thank you for your response. I appreciate the information and will have a look at the resellers. The FP3+ has amazing specs, and I would really like to have one :slight_smile:


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