Fairphone 3 in Australia once again

Hi there,

I have been watching Fairphone for quite some time now, really trying to keep my old phone going, and am finally needing to and in the position to purchase one, likely from Clove Technologies or Vireo, I am just waiting on some email replies from them, but can I ask, perhaps of any one who has imported one to Australia, or another non-EU country, how did you find out about any import fees and paying VAT or GST on the purchase.

I’ve read through the older commentaries on this topic and noticed some users had done what I plan to do. On ordering your Fairphone from an international retailer were there any unexpected costs that you encountered after the purchase?

Anything else I should know before I take the plunge. I’d really appreciate any info, thank you in advance for any time someone may put into my query.

Best regards, Henry.


Just so everyone knows: I just re-opened the general Australia topic in this forum:

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