Fairphone 3: I can't take videos. I can't open saved videos

I had no such issues before but just today out of the blue, my FP3 wasn’t able to take videos anymore with the default ‘Camera’ app. (Every time I’m done taking a video the app crashes and the video isn’t saved)

Also all videos stored in my gallery won’t open with the message: ‘‘Video type unsupported’’

Note: changing video encoder did not fix anything. Also making and saving videos in other apps, for example instagram, delivers the same type of message.

Any ideas on what I could do to fix this?

How full is your storage? See Settings > Storage

Are you using an SD card? If yes, is it shown as “phone storage” or “portable/mobile storage”?


I have over 30GB of free storage space and my SD card is portable and I only have music saved on it.

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ok, perfect. So these two points can be ruled out.

My only remaining guess is rather vague and I’m not convinced of it that much, but it cannot hurt to check anyway: You might want to clear the app storage of the app “Camera” (Settings > Apps & Notifications > Camera > Storage > Clear Storage).

I should’ve listed that in my first post but clearing the storage and cache did not work unfortunately.

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What happens when you use a different camera app, for example Open Camera? If video works there, a hardware issue could be excluded.

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@Aeva Further to

If video and audio work on any browser etc. then it’s not hardware.

If you have your videos etc on the SD card eject it and try playing on a computer. The if you like do a factory reset of the phone before you reinsert the SD and be sure not to be tempted to format as anything :slight_smile:

If they are not All on your SSD card you may have inadvertently stored some on the phones memory. Check the phone internal memory as you will need at least 6Gb free to work on anything remotely demanding.

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