Fairphone 3 for sale flased with /e/ OS -GOOGLE FREE- incl. guarantee until feb 2021


I’m selling my Fairphone 3. It is in mint good condition. It is flashed with the latest version of /E/ os so this phone is google free.

Will ship in the original box and you will get the original invoice with guarantee until feb 201 from Belsimpel, major dutch phone retailer.

Asking price is 350 EUR excl. shipping. ( I’m open to you suggestion another price within reasons :wink: )




May I ask why you want to sell it?

Hi Janx I’m selling it because for me the form factor is to big and /e/os has still some quirks. No problem if you like tinkering but I want something simpler without the tinkering.

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That’s a pity to hear but I wish you lots of fun and great experiences with your new smartphone. :slight_smile:

Hi! I’m interested on the phone. I already send you a private message

Just a reminder; regarding warranty:
Be aware, that one might have to reflash Fairphone OS to make a warranty claim.
As Fairphone warranty does not include problems stemming from changing the OS, this could be required to proof, that the OS-change is not the source of the troubles.
If something is actually/mechanically broken, the OS is irrelevant of course. :slight_smile:


Thanks Bert for adding this valuable comment!

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