Fairphone 3 does not receive updates

Dear reader,

My Fairphone 3 is on Android 10 and the latest update is from 5 August 2020. With, without, or with a different sim installed, it does not receive any updates of a later date. A factory reset did not solve the issue. Could it be that the device is not registered at the update server. Does anyone has a suggestion? Thanks in advance, Otto

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Have you tried to update via wifi, not sim?

I’ve only had the FP3+ for a month but as soon as i connected to the wifi it updated to

9th September 2020
Build number 8901.3.A.0054.20200929

Then security patch 5th October with
kernel version 4.9.218-perf+

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You could update manually:

since it seems, you already tried the regular way

Thank you for your answers. I have tried to update via WiFi with the sim removed, but no avail. I updated to Android 10 manually, as under Android 9, the update process did not work either. Now it is about time I find the cause and hope that someone can assist me with finding a solution.

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