Fairphone 3+ - Charging problems


maybe there is someone who can help me…

My Fairphone cannot be charged anymore. Everytime I connect it to the cable the display starts for a very short time and then the phone turns off. After a short moment it starts and turns off again. I already bought a new battery via Fairphone but the problem remains the same.

A repair station told me that the processor might be broken. I guess that it can not be repaired?! Absolutely frustrating after two and a half years…

Perhaps there is someone here who has a solution for me.

Thank you very much for your help.

Yes, sure, sounds frustrating!
You might check if there’s a fairphoneangel near you who might possibly help out with a bottom module to test if this helps - without investing more money.
And I’d recommend to contactsupport to at least let them know.

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