Fairphone 3 charger, and charging question

Hello everyone,

Some weeks ago I got my charger, and I hear a high pitch noise when I connect it to my Fairphone 3. Check the next video:

Fairphone Support believes the problem is on the phone rather than in the charger. But, I would like to ask if someone has the Fairphone 3 charger, and hears any sound because when I charge it with another one or using my laptop, I don’t hear anything, so I think it could be something about the charger. Do you think could it be the phone? Another question is if this charger or another one (maybe an older Samsung charger to charge the phone faster or the official MacBook Pro charger from 2019), makes the Fairphone 3 a little bit hotter. Mine gets like this when the phone has been charging half an hour using the official charger or another one, not with the laptop. Thank you very much!

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