Fairphone 3+ Brand New for Sale €490 (with green case)

I have a new Fairphone 3+ at home that is looking for a new owner. The reason I have it is because the friend that was supposed to get it managed to repair their old phone after all, and of course that is the most sustainable phone! I’m in Hamburg (for direct pickup) but can also send it. Protective case (green) is included.
Thanks and have a sustainable holiday!


Could you post a photo of the phone on displaying today’s date? This is a forum requirement for selling phones on the forum :slight_smile:

Also, perhaps indicate how much you would be selling it? Or are you waiting for offers?

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Hi Alex, thanks for your message and helping me out. Do I understand correctly that you want me to unpack the phone and turn it on, and then make a photo of that?
Regarind the price question: I’d prefer the original price (I believe that’s €508 incl. case), with the offer that I’d run to the post office immediately, and therefore I could get the buyer their phone quicker than ordering it through the website :-).

Edit: I see that others do give a discount when reselling even a new phone, so I guess I need to do that as well :-(. So I will offer €490.


Sorry, I hadn’t understood it was unpacked :slight_smile:
Could you then post a photo of the box, the original seal on the box untouched and the proof of purchase and invoice?
I hope you understand this is meant for security measures :slight_smile:

Though I believe getting the price a bit lower would make it sell easier. This, of course, is yours to decide.


I guess it might be better indeed :slight_smile: Perhaps edit the OP so that it’s easier to find the price?


Sorry Alex, I’m 32 years old and feel like I’m 80 asking this but: what’s an OP?
Edit: just found it. Original Post. I’m back to feeling like 32 again :smiley:

(and I just broke the seal of the package, so I can post a photo after all. Safety first!)


Hi Julie,

I allowed myself to add the free case in the title to give you more chances to attract potential buyers :slight_smile:


Hi Julie, I’m interested in the green case only if the person that buys the phone doesn’t want it, it could lower a bit more the price for him/her :slight_smile:


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