Fairphone 3+ bought directly from Fairphone

Dear FP Community,

I am offering a Fairphone 3+, which I have bought directly from Fairphone (receipt available).

The phone is in good condition (always used the original FP cover, which will be sold together with the phone). The small metal ring around the fingerprint sensor on the back is missing.
I have also had a screen protector on for the entire time I used the phone. There are a few signs of wear and tear on the phones’ case.

Shipping from Switzerland to Europe after payment is received.

Price: 250€, including original Fairphone protective cover in Green, excluding shipping.

For more pictures, please reach out or post in this thread :slight_smile:

Take care,

The Green Phone Cover has a sticker on the outside and a small metal sticker on the inside, which was used for the magnetic car mount for the phone. Both stickers can be removed easily.

Hi, i send you a messagge

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