Fairphone 3 Bottom Module BACK IN STOCK [24 Jan 2022 update]

I think given how critical the lack of this spare part was, this deserves this standalone notification.


Just to let people know spare parts are back in stock for the FP3. I had just received the shipping labels to send my phone to France for a repair when I got the notification. The repair would probably have been for free within the warranty, but I decided fixing the phone myself would be quicker. I also ordered a “dongle” for charging to spare my new usb port; you leave the dongle in and connect a cable with a magnet when charging.


Works for data, too, but USB OTG might not work this way.

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Yes I’ve ordered some magnetic adapters but they are still in production.

I have thought of buying a spare bottom module as back up anyway.


That’s too bad. I’ll give it a go anyway. Otherwise I guess I’ll count on a new bottom module in 2 years :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thats exactly what people should not do to avoid that people needing it really will see emtpy stocks…just see how fast the FP2 module was sold out due to that reason

That’s a valid point, but you could also say that’s exactly what people worrying about a hardware backup should do in light of the Fairphone 2 bottom module situation.

I think that’s a stretch. Fairphone projected how many modules they would need to produce to keep stock, and the projection didn’t materialise because the module broke much more often than anticipated, so much more users needed one. And producing more bottom modules turned out unfeasible. I don’t see right now where Fairphone claimed that users buying them as a backup were the reason and where you would even get the data to have a base for that claim.
And in the end users buying a bottom module to have a backup weren’t wrong, even if this, of course, contributed to the situation to some extent.


Thats nothing claimed by Fairphone (I never stated this), but when they announced, it will go out of stock it was even faster out of stock, because people bought it without needing it. And even if there are issues seen with non functioning USB ports in the FP3 I don’t have the feeling its comparable with what happened on the FP2. If I follow the thinking, I always need a functioning second phone or a second spare part of each module, because for sure everything can always break for various reasons. However, for sustainability reasons I personally don’t think its a good idea.

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And that makes perfect sense right there.

And that also makes perfect sense. There just needs to be some thought put into this individually, as situations and circumstances differ.

Sustainability is an important point, space you have for storing things to keep around is another limitation for instance. Almost nobody doubles everything they have because it could break. It’s always an assessment of importance and feasability or availability of alternatives with which you could make do for a while.

If you deem it really important to have a working phone every single day, then good luck with not having a backup device (perhaps your old one or a second hand one for sustainability) or spare parts ready.
Just wait for the next user with a failing phone and without a plan B but claiming “it’s important for my business” or any other legitimately serious concern.


Solution: Become a Fairphone Angel :angel: so you have a fully legitimate reason to have a backup phone and spares! :+1:


Ah, see? Fairphone Angels are at fault :wink: .

(Please mind the jesting tags.)


But all second hand, at least for me :upside_down_face:


That has been an ongoing idea for me but I want to be sure as
a) Do I have the time and patience (commitment)
b) I live far off the beaten track and do not drive /and their’s covid
c) it will only be for the FP3

The good news is I already have two FP3’s as my daughter couldn’t handle hers. I have a couple of spare 12MPx cameras and am gathering parts. Once I feel OK I’m pretty sure I will get a spare bottom module or two :slight_smile:

I got my bottom module and installed it today! I can now charge my phone again using my new magnetic dongle so happiness all around!


The FP3 Bottom Module is once again back in stock. :slight_smile:


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