Fairphone 3 battery won't charge, even after replacing bottom module


Since last friday my FP3 (with latest software update) does not charge the battery when is use the official FP3 USB charger and USB C cable. The light turns yellow but the battery is not charging, the same happens when is use a Samsung charger.

On the forum i read that the problem might be a broken Bottom module so i ordered a new one. After installing the new bottom module i still have the same charging problem…

Does anyone have a solution?

Best regards, Jurgen Rotteveel

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Unless you have voided the warranty somehow I’m surprised you didn’t get it replaced, or is that the problem ~ that you have voided the warranty and hence can’t send it back for a ‘free’ repair.

If a battery gets very low for a prolonged period it can appear not to charge.

Also the charging ‘chip’ that’s the bit that decided how to charge, not the usb port etc. is not in the bottom module but on the main circuit board, part of the Quallcom setup. See the info at step 10 (points orange and yellow) of Fairphone 3 Teardown - iFixit

Snapdragon System-in-Package | Qualcomm.

Check out the PCIM modules

Can you check the battery in another FP3 or measure the voltage somehow?

If you can find a #fairphoneangel maybe you can test both bottom modules


I have the same Issue since one week on e.OS. Fairphone Support refused to help because I’m using e.OS. My phone is also not recognized by my PC anymore. Did you find a solution?

As a workaround I can charge the phone if I turn it off and connect it to a slow USB charger.

Best regards

The charging algorithms are on the core module, which is managed by the Quallcom PCIM chips. Using a slow charger doesn’t require the Quallcom QC3 quick charging to work, so effectively bypassing most of the controls.

If you bought the phone with /e/ pre-installed go to the vendor and ask for help otherwise reinstall Fairphone OS Android 10 v 0107 from May 28th, then if you don’t resolve it Fairphone will help.

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Thanks for the answers. My FP3 will be repaired so it will hopefully charge again.


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