Fairphone 3 as bike navi

I have to express my satisfaction concerning this matter. I do use my Fairphone 3 with the bike Navi Kompott and what really surprises me each time: the Accu loads up to 100% while biking and using the Navi. It loads via the bikes hub dynamo and komoot is configured to turn the screen only on when the direction changes I e. along with a voice instruction. Compared to my former Smartphone Fairphone 2 energy management seems to be phantastic. I no longer do need a Powerbank or recharge during a bike break.


Which is it?
(I only want to make sure this really is about the Fairphone 2, as its battery is on the weaker side of things.)


I think I should make this clear. It is a Fairphone 3 but the capacity of the Accu is not what matters. I start a tour with 85% and end it with 100%. The bike - with it’s hub dynamo together with an “USB-Werk” Busch und Müller, Spende more energy than consumed. An experience which I haven’t had with my old Samsung S3.
It might be a better energy management by Android 10, the superb energy saving features of komoot or some magic things added by Fairphone 3. I don’t know but am super happy.


Very nice to hear :+1:

I have allowed myself to correct the FP type number in the topic title and category as well as in your first post. Hope this finds your approval. :slight_smile:


Unfortunately that’s not the reason: I run my FP2 with Lineage OS 17.1 (=Android 10). I’m able to charge the phone at the Forumslader (even more efficient than the USB-Werk) but at least on the rather short trips with the kids (~30-40km) it is hard to maintain a positive balance in the buffer batteries of the dynamo charger if I want to use the phone for at least some mails, surfing, music in the evening. My wife’s unfair Japanese phone lasts longer with one full charge and it even seems to charge a little bit faster (no quick charge!). I can just confirm that the FP2 is an enormous energy eater and the hopefully lower consumption is something I’m looking forward to when changing to a successor once my FP2 should have given up.

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