FAIRPHONE 3 and 3+ A13 manual roaming setting missing

Before the update I could manually switch on/off roaming, by the top-down menue. Now this button has disappeared, and is not available anymore.
Now I have to go to the specific SIM card and switch roaming off.

I would like this button back in the top/down menue. Is this possible?

Have you looked into the SIM settings in your phone app?
(I would guess: Phone → [three dots] → Settings → Calling accounts → … )

Yes I did. I changed my question a bit.
I have a limit of 2Gig on my SIM, so I want to be able to switch roaming off when necessary. I found it practical for my case anyway.
(I don’t like it when ‘the industry’ seems to know what’s better for me :wink: )

I guess, adapting it ‘per SIM’ has its pro’s.

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