FAIRPHONE 3 and 3+ A13 - Fingerprint sensor update

You should also disable the automatic update in the developer options. If you do not, the next restart of your phone will automatically install the update.


I also did that, yes, should be mentioned here
(“Apply update when device is restarted” or something)

It is slightly different on my FP3 :
settings/apps and notifications/see all XX apps/Google play services/Notifications then scroll to the bottom.
Thank you @mmxmmx , I wouldn’t have found it without you. :+1:

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Well, can’t see any wrong tree. Everything worked fine, the update without warning followed, now it doesn’t work. Nobody in Austria would have run the update installation, if we knew the consequences.


Miquel, explain to me how on earth you were able to write such a long answer without mentioning the solution of making a new part even once.

You guys aren’t new to upgradability. I understand you’d lose money if you still released new cameras for your old Fairphones, but come on, in this case, releasing a new fingerprint reader part and a video tutorial is the only way to keep this FP3 alive for the upcoming years.

I understand this solution would cost you money, but you don’t realise what losing the trust of your customers (especially the ones who bought the FP3+ less than two years ago) represents in terms of money loss.


Although not wishing to leap to Fairphone’s defence, I suspect that replacing the reader is more than just upgrading the sensor. Seeing as it’s a firmware issue, I would guess there’s a dedicated chip as well, and that’s probably on the mainboard. Upgrading that is a non-starter. It’s all extremely disappointing.


I do not thing so. The whole problem is the firmware, new firmware would solve the problem thats a fact. New fingerprint sensor means new firmware and while it is possible that there is a dedicated chip on mainboard, there is a very high possibility that this chip can be used with another fingerprint sensor. If the chip would only work with the current fingerprint sensor, the fingerprint sensor supplier would have had to work with the motherboard supplier and deliver the chips to them. That would be tedious, would create dependencies and it would be far easier (and cheaper) to either put the chip on the modul or put a generic chip on the mainboard that works with many fingerprint sensors.

While the existence of a dedicated chip on the mainboard is possible and it might necessary to find a supplier that makes a fingerprint sensor compatible with the chip, the likelyhood of this chip onyl being useable with the current fingerprint sensor is very low. If that would be the case, it would be a disastrous failure for a company that touts with longevity, repairability and modularity.


I think the optimal solution would have been for all Austrian users to have to opt-in to the update through an app, along with some big fat red warnings. I think that would make everyone happy.

Hopefully FP will learn from their mistake and not mess up again :expressionless:

That would have been amazing.
I might be wrong but I think FP only knew afterwards how devastating the issue was for Austrian especially.
That was definitely a horrible convergence of really unfortunate decisions on many sides.

But now I am curious if it possible to make such a warning for only one country. And if yes, how complicated it would be. Just pondering.

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Hi @Alain_Guillet , I can’t edit this page.
Found as working as before

  • Airlock 2FA

Found not working anymore like before

  • Twint prepaid (Switzerland)
  • Alternative Bank Schweiz (Switzerland)
  • Swisscard AECS (Switzerland)
  • Sanitas Portal (Switzerland)

Does someone of the Austrians have experience with this?

I know, that this hardware also costs about 40 EUR, but would this be an option? I have not worked with such a token (or whatever it is) before.

Not working anymore with fingerprint sensor: Lyf Pay (France), PayPal (France), OLB online Banking (Germany).

If I read it correctly it is basically a physical token to be used with a PC.

With that said, two problems arise:

  1. It will probably not work with the phone. It is a replacement for the phone.
  2. You can not access the ID Austria Management interface without a fingerprint.

It would be a great option for people like me, who use the app as a MFA variant. But will probably not work because the token can not be registered.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

@Deuxrives and @bg14001
If you provide a bit of additional information in what way these apps are not longer working as before, I am happy to add them to the list for you. I just want to make sure that I provide the correct information.

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Yes, it wouldn’t work with the phone. But when I have a PC at work and at home, it could be an option, don’t you think?

These apps now require a PIN code, fingerprint is not an option anymore

I think that it will work, if it is not necessary to log into your account to setup the linking between the token and the account.
Because to log into your account you need the app if you have set it up already.

Added the entries for you.

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I think this question was asked before but I haven’t seen a clear answer:
For users like me who haven’t updated to Android 13, yet, is it possible to skip the update and stick with Android 11? Of course this is only an option if Fairphone continues to provide security updates for Android 11.

I’m not Austrian, so I cannot test this myself, but AFAIK, your Fairphone is itself a FIDO2 key. You might be able to log into the Austrian state portal via your browser (although I’ve got no idea if and how you can associate the FIDO2 key in your phone with your account if you don’t get the app to work…)