FAIRPHONE 3 and 3+ A13 - Fingerprint sensor update

Hi @Alain_Guillet is the bug you mention resolved? Because if I have to permanently switch off auto rotation it is one heck of a workaround - because not unlike the fingerprint sensor I actually like Auto-Rotation.

Edit: sorry, overlooked the mail bit. Yes. I am aware it was a marketing e-mail. A general one. My irritation was not because I thought they targeted me personally. It’s because they don’t care who has had their phone for how long.
The marketing mails I should have gotten were along the lines of “We notice you have had your phone for three years, now! what can we sell you in order to make it feasible you enjoy your phone a little longer? How about a new fingerprint sensor?”


We can hope it is solved in a near future but this is not the case yet.

When auto-rotation screen is off and you turn your phone, there is a small icon that appears in the top left corner. Press on it and the screen will turn.


I had the auto-rotate problem after upgrading to A13, but I after I did a factory reset the phone works perfectly, including auto-rotating.


Thank you for the information on the rotate button. DId not notice it till I looked after you mentioned it. This is a cool thing. Auto rotate always annoyed me because it tended to rotate when I did not want it to.


I already updated to Android 13 with my FP3. Within weeks the ID Austria (EU-ID) will replace “Handy-Signatur”. So Handy-Signatur was important to me to organice things for the tax office every year. And I have to do that obligatory. So an idea of mine is to have an USB-C fingerprint Stick, which you could stick in when needed. Like YubiKey for example. Could that be a work-around? Rolling back to Android 11 is not working for me, because the last security updates will be in February I guess.


FIDO was mentioned here, along with other possibilities … 🇩🇪 Fairphone fingerprint sensor Update auf Android 13


I use a Fido Key for ID Austria and it works out fine.


Gut zu wissen, verwendest du den Key auch direkt am Smartphone oder lediglich am Computer? Ich habe mir jetzt auch einen ID Austria kompatiblen YubiKey zugelegt.

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Lediglich am Computer. Am Handy hab ich leider keinen Anschluss. Ich brauche den Zugang hauptsächlich bei der Arbeit (arbeite bei einem Steuerberater). Zuhause habe ich ebenfalls noch ein Notebook, so brauch ich es derzeit nicht unbedingt am Smartphone.

I habe es versucht am Telefon zum Laufen zu bringen. Leider ohne Erfolg, weil die App verweigert den Login wegen der “nicht aktivierten” Biometriefunktion. Anführungsstriche weil Biometrie ist aktiv nur eben leider ist der Sicherheitsstandard zu niedrig.

Ich würde mich nicht mit dem Phone herumärgern, wenn man sowieso auf Yubi ausweichen muss.

@PS: Forum message, “this topic has been solved”… no it has not, you gave up on it.

Habe heute erfolgreich meinen YubiKey Security Key C NFC aktiviert und zwar unter ubuntu mit Chromium. Aktivierung mit Firefox schlug fehl bei der Stelle, wo ich einen PIN für den YubiKey vergeben hätte müssen (das Fenster kam nicht, stattdessen eine Warnmeldung von Firefox).
Anwendung in Firefox ist ohne weiteres möglich - keine Probleme. Nur für die Aktivierung bin ich auf Chromium ausgewichen.
Die Anwendung war die Handy-Signatur inkl. Umstieg zur ID-Austria. Für mich ist das Thema gegessen und ich kann somit auch weiter beim Fairphone 3 bleiben - juhu.


I have been using A13 on my FP3+ for a while now. Murat_Kayi sums up exactly what my experience is so far.

The whole idea of Fairphone degrades if I feel forced to change phones already.
Sure, I can still make calls.

I guess an important lesson here, is that you cannot make a moderately fast phone and expect it to last several major Android upgrades.

Habe eine Anleitung gefunden, die keinen Fingerprint verlangt für die ID Austria. Die App “A-Trust Signatur”.

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Aber zum Login brauchst du jetzt immer einen PC und den Key, oder?

Die wird aber jetzt gerade abgeschafft, oder?

There is another thread about the fingerprint reader problem in German so please use English in this one.


correct, this sensible things I do on my Notebook and not with my smartphone.

Handy-Signatur will be merged to ID Austria. And the described solutions work with ID Austria, which will be part of EU-ID in the future.