FAIRPHONE 3 and 3+ A13 - Fingerprint sensor update


I just got my FidoKey and surprisingly registration with ID Austria was very easy. It works perfectly fine, I just need a Labtop or a PC. It doesn’t work with the Fairphone though. You said that I should get a second key. Can I do the same procedure with a second key? Or is it more difficult when having a second one? Thanks a lot for your help. Do you do very registration on both of your keys then?

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Isn’t it the point of all this entire thing? We were told that we could replace only the parts that don’t work any more. In this case the sensor became obsolete. And we should accept the fact that our otherwise perfectly functional device lost some of its feature. Just like Apple buyers out there.

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You are right - it works with the “Handysignatur-App”. I am totally surprised.

Did you have the token registered beforehand?
I will definitely keep you updated once they arrive and i can register them.

You mean apart from the points of more fair sourcing of raw materials and more fairness towards workers?

While I believe Fairphone should have handled this much better in the presence, I also believe they didn’t have a working crystal ball in the past to be able to know several years ago that this particular issue would come up.

For some purposes, the importance of which varies individually from total dealbreaker (very unfortunate) to total non-issue (very fortunate).

Your choice whether to accept it or not.
LineageOS didn’t lose the feature, and together with MindTheGapps and a relocked bootloader … who knows.


Just to make this clear:

I love my fairphone and I would like to use it for as long as possible. Not having a functional fingerprint sensor is, however, a dealbreaker. I am one of the users impacted by the problem with the Goverment App of Austria (Digitales Amt), but I also use quite a few banking apps and I assume that security demands of the future will be higher, not lower.

To the “Angels” telling us that we just have to put up with this or that we should switch to Lineage OS, etc.:

No, we do not. While I love what Fairphone is doing, I am not willing to go through a 3rd-rate user-experience to support the company. My phone should not just randomly lose functionality with an update. If I switch to LOS now, there is no guarantee that functionality will stay the same in the future. Baking apps and other security sensitive apps are essential for many users and there is no telling which of my apps might require a fingerprint sensor in the future or just stop working with LOS.

I will, for now, try and stay on Android 11. If and when that becomes impossible, I will buy a new phone. But I will not reward this very sad situation by buying a Fairphone.

Last point: I will GLADLY buy a new Fingerprint module if that somehow solves the problem and can be provided by Fairphone.


Sadly this is a dealbreaker for me, it’s nonsense to describe the fingerprint sensor as an optional convenience when you have apps that require it. One of our office security apps mandates the fingerprint sensor and has no password alternative, I already knew this would be my last fairphone but I thought I would get more time out of it.


You entered “Clearscore” at the end of the “Apps confirmed working as before” list (I put it into alphabetical order, so it’s higher in the list now). If that’s the app you mentioned before, it probably belongs in the “Apps confirmed not working like in Android 11”. You might want to specify its status with one of the five descriptions here. If you find it a problem to deal with the two tables, just write the information here so someone else can sort out the tables.


LineageOS doesn’t officially support locking your bootloader though.

I only mentioned this after somebody tried.
There will always be any number of reasons to not try, but that doesn’t make the option go away.

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who is ‘you’? me? I didn’t add Clearscore, I added VeridiumID in the wrong table then edited it into the correct table.

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Please take a look at ID Austria Registrierung mit SMS-TAN und FIDO-Sicherheitsschlüssel. It was pretty easy and I didn’t register the token beforehand. When you are doing it, just connect the Fido to your computer and follow the instructions.


Clearscore works fine. It is in the “working as before” list, which is correct. The fingerprint opens the app with no problem or difference.


Hi everyone,

Thank you again for your continued input. Since my last post:

  • We have made sure that the update notification for Android 13 is not persistent anymore. Once you dismiss it, it will only appear again once every 2 weeks.
  • We have contacted the developers of the Austrian “Digitales Amt” app to better understand their development roadmap.
  • We also checked and confirmed that there are alternative log-in options available for this application, namely a hardware key (please find a list here) that you can use to login via your computer. As some of you have mentioned in the thread.

Nevertheless, we acknowledge that the issue with the fingerprint sensor poses more than a minor inconvenience to many of you.

We are working hard internally to provide a temporary solution that we hope will work for most of you, we will know more next week.

Have a good weekend!


Thank you for hearing us, but it feels like you guys are not properly listening.

  • Only every two weeks? We’re asking that you stop the rollout, because we don’t want more people on this topic regretting the update because they didn’t read the changelog, which is not something a user should do to avoid losing functionnality.

  • So you’re seriously spending time contacting apps that need the fingerprint instead of spending time finding a real and permanent solution? Just a reminder, “Digitales Amt” is obviously the cherry on top of the problem that shows how ridiculous it is, but the main problem remains that you can’t just tell people to go back to using a passcode and make it look like it’s not a big deal.

  • “We are working hard internally to provide a temporary solution”. Why would you be providing a temporary solution, and why would you completely ignore the permanent solution that everyone on this forum said they’d be willing to pay for, which is a new fingerprint sensor? Why do you intentionally avoid talking about that?

  • As a “funny” last note, why don’t you make a poll for the entire Fairphone team with the questions “are you using the fingerprint sensor for your banking apps” and “would you be totally okay to swap that functionnality for a passcode”, and see what they answer? You guys are probably all rocking a Fairphone 4 in the team, for you to care that little about your long-term customers, the ones still using the previous Fairphone who were expecting to buy Fairphones in the future.

Stop the rollout. Make plans about a new fingerprint sensor and communicate about it. You’ve got all the time you need to do that, since the security updates are still there for A11!!


Ingo, how can I contribute to the apps wiki page?

You can click the edit button, I just gave you trust level 1, because as a freshly registered user one is not allowed to do much.

Thanks for contributing :slight_smile:

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Users who have been disappointed have said their piece (and gave “advice”) not once, not twice, but all over this thread. I for one would appreciate if we could keep the information more focussed and technical regarding the progress, the affected apps, alternative methods, etc.

I am pretty sure another dedicated thread with management and strategical advice for Fairphone on this issue will be perfectly fine.


Fairphone support and communication skills are dismal. Only when enough people shout and threaten to make negative headlines do they react. The more people that make noise, the better chance of a solution in my opinion.

This thread is so very long that I don’t mind the occasional repeat either. Let people vent, and if you’ve read it before just yawn. :wink:

I must say that I am almost in full agremment with @Soupape50. The exception is, like it or not, Goo support for A11 will be stop at the end of the year (or early next year) so not really worth a team continuing to support A11 is it?

I am happy to wait and see what FP propose but FP need to restore the faith. A permanent solution please, not just a temporary one.