FAIRPHONE 3 and 3+ A13 - Fingerprint sensor update

I’m not Austrian, so I cannot test this myself, but AFAIK, your Fairphone is itself a FIDO2 key. You might be able to log into the Austrian state portal via your browser (although I’ve got no idea if and how you can associate the FIDO2 key in your phone with your account if you don’t get the app to work…)

I’m Austrian and I have a FP3 at A11; at A-Trust: Meine ID Austria verwalten the authentication step is via SMS; the system then prompts to create a FIDO-token to be stored in the Google account, which seems to work, but the portal finally responds with "Fehler: dieser FIDO-Sicherheitsschlüssel wird nicht unterstützt" (Error: this FIDO-Securitykey is not supported).

I tried running the process both on the FP3 and in Chromium on my desktop, same results.

I’d be willing to pay for an upgrade of the fingerprint reader to keep things going. At least should Fairphone continue to deliver updates to A11 as long as Google does…

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The Australian government ( :australia:, not Austria) ID verification app, called myGovID, which I’m using right now, works fine after upgrading to A13.
I’m using FP3+ with the latest FairPhone OS 6.A.018.0

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So you have a the FIDO Hardware token? Else it will not work in my eyes.

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Yes, someone else did find a solution (couldn’t find the original post though). You need to remove one fingerprint, then restart the phone. Do that until all prints are removed. Then you can add them again. My feeling is that the sensor worked better after that procedure.


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I hope a fix for this is on its way fast. Either by software or to buy a new fingerprint sensor. This is kind of a dealbreaker for me regarding the fairphone.

@Alain_Guillet if you can update your page :

Working :

  • Swile
  • Microsoft Authenticator

Not Working:

  • Enpass
  • Bankin

Yubikey reduced their prices last week. The entry level model is 24 CHF.

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Do you have experience with Fido2? Does it work easily? Can I use it on my PC at home and also at work? It it would work fine, I would order it.

I use it for more and more things. All of my Google accounts are on it, and everywhere else that supports it. I also use it to unlock my KeepassXC database, both on the desktop and the phone.

Finally, about a month ago I made it part of my desktop login.

But here’s the trick: you have to have two of them. Put one of them on your physical keychain, and put the other in a safe place. That’s what I did anyway.

Paypal have botched the implementation, so you can only register one, so that’s an issue. Some other apps have similar problems. It’s a bit like the problem our Austrian friends face with their Government accounts.

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Well, after balancing everything I guess I’ve convinced myself that so long as I can use Keepass2android I’m OK.

The main thing I like the fingerprint for is for unlocking my phone in public where I would be vulnerable to the “over the shoulder” attack using a PIN. Otherwise a password is clearly safer.

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I am also Austrian, that’s why I’m thinking about getting one. Is it easy to install or difficult? Because I’m only a user, but no techie. And why do I need two? Which model would you recommend? And can I use it on both computers - at home + at work?

Thanks for your help!

If you get a Yubikey it’s a physical key device, just like the keys that you use to unlock your front door. If you lose one you’re locked out, and you have to jump through hoops to get back in again, like calling a locksmith, etc.

A good implementation should plan for this anyway, with some kind of secure backup, like Google’s list of one time codes on a piece of paper.

But the fastest, safest way to avoid locking yourself out is to have two of them.

But as long as I only use it for ID Austria, one should be enough, don’t you think? At least for the start, or am I wrong?

That doesn’t make any sense, many of the banking apps, require one of the factors to be biometric, and now I can’t use them. Makes me think of getting a different phone.


long tap on the the notification, tap on silent options, opt-out system updates

Otherwise, Pin and Password are an alternative if all apps would allow me to choose a strong password of my choice, but I have apps which don’t allow symbols or allow only 4,5,6 digits and so on.
So it is quite a story to find a generic password pattern that fits them all…

I’m wondering what FP’s opinions are on

  • offering a new sensor, although you have to do a full teardown but it could be supported by the Angle. Would it imply any certification process?
  • following LOS but I’m sure there would be a legal implication. How about making the entire OS open source, so it could be community-driven, so certification with Google etc. is less of a concern
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If you don’t lose it it’s fine. They probably have some backup method. I’ll look it up.

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Thanks. I did manage to turn it off using instructions further back in this thread. It’s well buried in Settings but I did find it. Long-tap on the notification would have been easier had I known!


It is not my page but one created by Ingo.

Since it is a wiki page, everybody can edit it and add apps. By the way, Microsoft authenticator already is in the list as MS authenticator.