Fairphone 3: accelerometer/gyroscope locations

Can somebody tell me where the accelerometer and gyroscope are located for the FP3? I suspected them on the core module, but even after removing the shields, I wasn’t able to identify the chip.

Just looking for an answer now, but why did you dig so deep into the modules and void the warranty, or was the warranty void due to some user damage :slight_smile:

I am pretty sure that they are located on the core module. But accelerometer/gyroscope MEMS chips are very tiny and therefor hard to find.

My guess would be: One of the small chips between Q31A1 (NFC) and AW88980 (audio amplifier). Next to the display connector.
But just a guess as my pictures of the internals are not high-res enough to read the markings on the chip (and I am not planning to do a teardown).


Thank you, I’ll have a closer look at that area. I’ll let you know, if I am brave enough to touch them.

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