Fairphone 3 – 3D printing Dummy

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I send you a DM :slight_smile:

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Hi Tig3rch3n, I own a Fairphone 3+ but I have zero experience about 3D printing. Do you think is possible to print a cover and send to me? I live in Italy

Maybe you could use a 3D printing service like https://craftcloud3d.com/ or similar to let it print

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So, I’ve used a 3D printing service (sculpteo.com) for 48€ (including tax and shipping cost). For material, I used their “Multijet Fusion, PA12 (Grey)” with a Color Touch black finish. This material is quite rigid, but slightly bendable. I didn’t make any adjustments to the 3D model.

Well, in my case (hehe), the “snug fit” isn’t really as snug as I’d wanted it to. I have a significant gap at the bottom, meaning I can slide the phone upside down in the case, just like with the official Fairphone case when it has become enlarged.
The sides however fit very well and appear to be keeping the phone in the case.

The cutout for the buttons however isn’t deep enough. The buttons lie directly on the edge of the case, making it really hard to click them.

So, I’d advise everybody to print this case “in person”. You might need to make adjustments to get a properly fitting case. I’ll upload pictures once I get my hands on a camera.


Have you compared the measurements of your printed case with those of the 3D model?

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I just measured, and they are basically perfectly on point. 160mm x 7.38mm as intended. The production quality is really great. It fits perfectly in terms of width and depths, just not for height or the depth of the button cutout. What surprises me is that camera and Fairphone-logo cutout are aligned perfectly, but the fingerprint sensor cutout is not.

It’s as if my phone was 1.5 to 2 mm shorter than intended.


When I look at your button cutout (photo #1) and the fingerprint sensor cutout (last photo), it actually appears that if adjustments to the model had to be made, it would have to be shortened at the top end of the model, not the bottom end?

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Well depends how you look at it. If I take the camera and Fairphone logo as reference, I’d have to shorten the bottom (in this case, the speaker cutout is also a tiny bit off). If you take the fingerprint sensor as reference, you’d have to shorten at the top.

The depth of the button cutout is something that has to be done additionally.

Sadly, I don’t think the author has given access to their original 3D models, so currently all we can do is scale the model, not modify it to fit correctly :confused:

Currently, I have decided to switch back to my original, enlarged Fairphone case and lodge a tiny bit of paper in it so my phone doesn’t slide. I’d have to do the same with my 3D printed one, but since the buttons are much harder to push with that, it’s not really feasible to use it. Maybe if I find the time to sand down the cutout…


Thanks for sharing your project! I was really inspired and printed the hexagon case out on my printer (I used the one for miniatures like here) in ABS. The fit was a bit snug getting it into the case, and a he’ll of a time getting it out. Looks cool though. Now have to clean out a few holes a bit and it will be perfect.

Hello Tig3rch3n,

since my Fairphone 3 Cover is getting loose again (second case, second time) and I have no possibility to 3d-print your awesome case, I was wondering if it is possible that you can print one for me. I am living in Vienna, Austria. Maybe we can get in touch via DM, thanks in advance! :smiley:

I have applied thick double sided tape inside the case to fill and hold it. Seems to work fine.

You may like to try that temporarily at least.