Fairphone 3/3+ is not switching on no response from power button

Nothing happened to it (i.e. have not dropped it, got it wet etc). It just won’t switch on any more. Does not appear to be a problem with the battery.

Not heard back from Fairphone support since I posted this on 2/1/24 (nearly 2 weeks ago):

Fairphone 3/3+ is not switching on - battery charging ok (green light indicator is showing) but no response from power button.

Yesterday it started to switch itself off and then on again. So I updated to the most recent software update. I could see at that time it had 72% charge. Then it wouldn’t switch on. I put it on charge but no effect. Then I removed the battery for a minute and it worked again. However today (having charged it again from 68%) it is not switching on at all.

It may not be relevant but around a week or so ago the display was dimming and brightening. I switched off adaptive brightness to fix it.

I am disappointed as I bought a Fairphone as it was supposed to be easy to fix yourself or repair / replace parts if it went wrong. I have had it for just over 2 years and just finished paying for it. Now it won’t switch on. No one I have contacted within my location will touch a Fairphone. Their online support is almost non existent.
Not had any response on this forum either. I understand this is only a voluntary and farphone user community resource but if anyone has had a similar issue and has any advice on what I could do next would be great?
I am not very tech minded - haven’t found any threads that have provided any real insight.

I have had to buy a refurbished phone to tide me over but hoped I din’t have to just bin the fairphone!

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It sounds a bit as if a contact might be loose. Basic troubleshooting would mean, in short, taking the modules apart cleaning them and putting them back together - making sure all screws are tightened.
in how to do that you can either consult Fairphone’s videos (on YT e.g.) or the ifixit teardown
you might also consider all the helpful tipps of the troubleshooting guide here in the forum. As for example getting into contact with the FP Angels in your region or reading topics about broken power buttons if this problem in the end.


Thanks t37.
I will give this a go and see how i get on. Will report back (especially if it works).


Several of us have reported an issue with F3 motherboards that stop working suddenly. Not sure if that is the reason why yours isn’t working. If the above advice doesn’t work I suggest emailing support and see what they suggest. That said Fairphone has not acknowledged that there is an issue with F3 motherboards despite this issue being raised here almost weekly

Thanks for that - Fairphone service have at last got back to me so I will follow up with them and post to the forum.

I have a similar problem. The phone works fine, but isn’t responding to the power-button at all. I dismantled the FP3 and checked all 3 buttons using a multimeter. The buttons are fine. I assume that a resistor or capacitor on the main board is broken, because all contacts on the board are looking good.
Are the any (community driven) circuit diagrams available for the FP3 ?