Fairphone 2 won't turn off (auto restarts after Power Off)

My FP2 does not stay off when it powers off. After holding the power button and tapping Power Off and seeing the shutdown screen, once it is off it then immediately restarts. The only way to turn it off is therefore to remove the battery while the phone is still on, which doesn’t seem healthy for it. This problem started directly following installing the latest OS in Nov 2018 (OS 18.09.02 I think) - as a result of installing that OS a Restart option was added to Power Off. Ever since then, tapping Power Off has effectively just restarted the phone. (And no, sadly, Restart does not shut it down!) Very, very occasionally it has stayed off once powered off, but I have not found any pattern (e.g. location you tap on the Power Off tab). Oddly, when i tap Restart, it still says ‘power off, shutdown’ as if I had tapped Power Off - and it still restarts. Additionally, occasionally when I remove the battery to turn it off and then reinsert battery, it then turns itself on again.
Any advice gratefully received.

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It sounds crazy, but this usually works: Turn on the flashlight, then shut down the FP2.


Hi, I’ve got the same problem. My F2 won’t to turn off.
I bought and received it last week. Two days later, I made some update (automatically), and since then, I cannot turn off.
@urs_lesse where’s the flashlight option?
Is there any other solution?
Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

It’s some sort of shortcut menu … I think when you pull down from the top edge, there’s a cogwheel icon that you need to press. Sorry, don’t know it exactly, I haven’t got an FP2 myself. :wink:

You need to swipe down from the top twice and there should be the torch toggle. If not find the pencil symbol and tap on it to be able to select which toggles are shown.

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