Fairphone 2 with new camera and new battery

Fairphone 2 (06/2016, 1st user, receipt available, also for the new modules)
New front and back camera modules (12MP and 5MP, 2018)
New bottom module (2018)
2 covers: White Slim back cover (slightly damaged but functional) and Transparent Slim back cover.
Display without scratches or dead pixels.
The phone is a bit slow now, but I expect that to be over after factory reset. Only issue is that the phone sometimes spontaneously reboots . This seems to be a quite common issue in FairPhone.
I sell it for 200 euros including shipping costs - shipping from the Netherlands. I can include for free the old camera, a micro usb cable and another translucent cover.

Can you place a photo on the forum when you display is on and showing the date of today or tomorrow if you can’t do it today?


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Hi Lidwien, if you feel that a lower price is more fair, please let me know :slight_smile:

Sorry, but I am not interested personally.
We like to take precautions with expensive offers because there are also fraudsters and thieves on the Internet.

I understand, I just thought you’d know what is a right price because of your experience here.

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