Fairphone 2 will not start and is just restarting itself

I am having so many issues with this phone. I want to like it but it seems it is badly made and has too many untested faults. My latest issue is I can not turn the phone on! It just restarts itself all the time. Will not get passed the screen that says ‘fairphone’ . If I email support I’ll be lucky to get a reply in less than a month. Anyone please know how to fix this? I need a phone. I already have to only use my headphones to make a call (the other person can’t hear me) now I can’t turn the phone on!!! Honestly wish I didn’t buy this phone.

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Have you changed anything or has anything happened that might have triggered that behaviour?

Nope, was just listening to music and it turned off, did restart then turned off again. After a while it just wouldn’t start up again and just restarted / not getting passed the ‘fairphone’ starting screen.

  1. Check if the battery does not move! If it does:

FP2 restarts when it is hit at one of the front corners

  1. disassable your phone and check if all the screws are tighten. I noticed that som contacts are not tighten enough. It caused in my case that sometimes that people died not hear me and caused charching problems. Realy check every contact and screw. I think that you will also have a contact problem at your battery or somwe where else.


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When it is switched off (i.e. not in the bootloop) can you charge it regularly, can you see the charging animation?

Just want to make sure that there is no loose connection between the battery and the phone. Other users have reported similar behaviour due to a loose connection.

Update: I just saw that @Yann suggested the same, so definitely worth a try…

Thanks for coming back to me.

Yep, it does show the charging animation. I tried what @Yann suggested and it didn’t work.

This phone is driving me mad! All my photos and music are stored on the phone and just want to get this off the phone and then buy a new phone. I have only had the phone for 6 Months and am having so many issues with it. I had my iphone for 2 years and I thought this phone would last longer (and it was very costly, so was hoping for a better product). Support take 1 Month to get back to me when I email them, and don’t get back when I reply with an answer to their question. Wish I didn’t buy this phone (sadly I really want the phone to be good but it isn’t).

I’m sorry to hear that you’re having so much trouble with your FP2. Your problem might be related to this one:

If you can still boot into recovery mode, you might be able to recover your data using ADB, even though I have never tried that myself, but there seems to be a tool to do that:


If you can live without the data recovery, you can try to flash the operating system image to your phone as described here:


Chapters no. 2 or 3 if you can still boot into recovery mode, chapter no. 4 if you can’t…

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