Fairphone 2 Ubuntu Touch




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Hey twinkybot,
short and less helpful answer: I have the same problem (bug?).

In addition I have a sound problem while phoning. The person I’m talking to hears its self while talking. Thats really annoying and hopefully there will be a bugfix in the coming days?

Does anybody have the same problem?

Thanks a lot, Ka1ser

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this echo is the most annoying thing about UT, which made me deinstalling it. but i thought that this has been fixed long ago, at least i have been told so maybe 6 weeks ago in the telegram group. interesting to hear that it is still present.

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I’m desparately trying to reinstall Fairphone OS but I keep running into walls.

I’m no expert and probably shouldn’t have instaled Ubuntu due to my lack of technical experience. Do you know where I can find a ‘dummies guide’ to reinstall FP OS?



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Hello @TheMrLynch1

This is what you are looking for :slight_smile:
If you need the Google Mobile Services, check the last option.

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Hi @ced117 Thank you! :smile:



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Just read this post from Mark Shuttleworth: https://insights.ubuntu.com/2017/04/05/growing-ubuntu-for-cloud-and-iot-rather-than-phone-and-convergence/: "we will end our investment in Unity8, the phone and convergence shell. ".
"The choice, ultimately, is to invest in the areas which are contributing to the growth of the company. Those are Ubuntu itself, for desktops, servers and VMs, our cloud infrastructure products (OpenStack and Kubernetes) our cloud operations capabilities (MAAS, LXD, Juju, BootStack), and our IoT story in snaps and Ubuntu Core. "

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Yes, too bad, but no really a big surprise. The whole mobile market is just horrible; and too few people really care. Almost no open hardware, hardly any space besides iOS and Android… :expressionless:


The UBports team said they will keep the project alive : https://fossbytes.com/unity-8-ubuntu-touch-ubports/. This is what I love with community projects and free softwares :slight_smile:

I hope they will manage such an effort…


We had a little UBports community Q&A session yesterday, hopefully that will answer some questions.
Video: https://youtu.be/MVEm4X2ptEk
Text: https://blog.ubports.com/2017/04/08/ubports-community-q-a.html

Long story short: We will continue Ubuntu Touch!


Have my FF2 in use with UT since yesterday. IT WORKS!!! Thanx for the great work to the UBports Team. Please go on.


A lot of work is happening behind the scenes right now. The teams are working on replacing or taking over all the infrastructure to prepare all devices for the end of canonicals support in two months. We are also changing parts of the OS to make it suitable for a brighter future. See our latest community Q&A for details on what will change: https://blog.ubports.com/2017/04/15/community-qa.html


No groundbreaking release yet, but some interesting groundwork happening right now. We’re developing on Halium, a common base for Ubuntu Touch, Plasma Mobile and Sailfish OS that will allow us to collaborate on hardware enablement with them (we might even finally squash the last bugs in the Fairphone port with this!) Read or hear about this and some other interesting topics in the latest Q&A: https://blog.ubports.com/2017/04/29/community-qa.html


My personal user Experience with Ubuntu Touch as daily driver

Since three weeks now I use the UBports ubuntu touch as daily OS on my Fairphone 2. It is stable, the battery survives with more than normal use over one day and I can do everything I want do do. From normal phone use (phoning, SMS, calendar, camera etc) up to reliable navigation with uNav, SMTP or IMAP eMailing and messaging with telegram everything works reliable. Even my calendar and contact with about 1000 contacts and schedules are synced and OwnCloud works for nearly everybody

It runs fluently and imo faster and smoother than the FP OSOS I used before. For me it is an much more secure and future orientated OS as Android even FP OSOS. The UBports team has choosen the FP2 as core device which means, that we will get regular updates and upgrades in the future.

Over 1500 devices have been installed UBports ubuntu touch today including 138 Fairphone 2 installations.

Switching to ubuntu touch is really easy with the magic device tool. So let us switch to ubuntu touch to get the FP2 major share of installed devices!!!


Thanks for sharing your user experience! Looks promising!
I was hoping to have some spare time in the summer to test Ubuntu, Sailfish and Lineage. The problem with Ubuntu is that I don’t have a computer with ubuntu. And even the Magic device Tool needs Ubuntu.
Does someone know a way to flash Ubuntu with a mac?

Hey, the my problem with Ubuntu Touch is that it won’t get any Updates. The UBPorts guys are working on an unofficial version but there are a few difficulties.
I would recommend you to try Sailfish, it is really fantastic, and yes, UT was great, too!

Updates are coming regularly for UBports ubuntu touch because the Fairphone 2 is one of the few core devices. That is also the reason why there will be upgrades to the current ubuntu 16.04 LTS as soon as possible.
This is due to the Halium project which afaik also the Sailfish OS will be based on

Just found that there is furthermore a cross platform tool for switching to ubuntu touch from Windows Linus and Apple

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Thanks for the link, that’s something new! I will definitely give it a try!